We are a grassroots organizing collective that provides a stable platform for community organizers to fundraise for social justice projects. We are accountable to our communities and uplift members dedicated to defending what we hold sacred: justice, life, freedom, love, and community.


We envision a world in which our technology replenishes Mother Earth instead of diminishing our planet. We envision a society in which each and every single one of us is valued equitably for who we are and how we identify and are respected for those same reasons. We envision communities who honor and uphold the thoughts, opinions, and concerns of each of their members, and who collectively make equitable decisions for themselves with autonomy, limited only by the harmful impacts their decisions may have upon the members of other communities. We envision a future that honors our ancestors and cherishes the generations to come.

In order to do this, we must help eradicate the many forms of injustice within our world by reconceptualizing the practice of organizing and our work towards liberation. To push to the forefront of our consciousness our unequivocal interconnectedness and interdependence upon one another, for not only our survival, but also, our flourishing as peoples. To tear down the barriers that have kept us divided and in competition with one another over limited resources, which has resulted in violence upon Mother Earth and destroying our relationships with our relatives – human, animal and plant. To remove the capitalist model and mindset of bigger, better, faster, more, now and for cheaper that have ravaged our peoples from organizing and liberation work.


One of the goals of our labor is to decrease the dependence upon leaders and to increase our collective guidance and sharing of responsibility. However, everything must begin somewhere and to us that beginning is chiseling away at the under or mis-education of our people. FTP Organizers will share their expertise and experience with racial justice, gender justice, climate justice, animal rights, economic justice, and environmental justice with the members of our communities. The unique characteristic of FTP Organizers is that our objective is not to teach the members of our communities ‘what’ to think, but rather, to provide them with the tools they need to think about the issues for themselves so, we can come to a collective understanding about how to address those issues together.

It is only when both knowledge and power are shared equitably that a true partnership and community can evolve. Thus, what may seem to begin with leaders actually has the objective of working ourselves out of our roles as organizers. When this happens, the world we envision will have fertile soil upon which to grow.

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