Antonio ‘Yolotli X’ Zamora

For The People Organizer

Supporting movements against imperialism, colonialism, racism, and climate change

Yololti X is a Chicano community-organizer who is about treaty rights, food sovereignty and climate justice. They were born in occupied Multnomah and reside in so called Portland, Oregon, where he has been integrally involved in a number of struggles—from the Occupy Wall Street Movement, racial justice, climate activism and conducts mass candle-lit vigils to hold space with the community so the people can express their grievances in a safe way. Yolotli’s involvement in struggles for environmental justice dates back to growing out of street life, building Earthships, backpacking to Venezuela without flying to build Earthships with Chavistas. He lived afterwards with a Hare Krishna community in Colombia, where he committed to spiritual activism in the service of global transformative justice.

“In street life, you learn quickly what the root causes are to most problems.”
– Yolotli, FTP Organizer

Over the years, Yolotli has collaborated with and provided support on a host of campaigns and actions from building Earthships, Occupy Wall Street, The Anti-Nato Summit of 2012, Ayotzinapa, Black Lives Matter, Shell No, The Paris Climate Agreements, Standing Rock and many grassroots mobilization efforts in Portland.  When the rise of Black Lives Matter came about in Portland, Yolotli helped facilitate one of the very first rallies at Dawson Park which gave birth to Don’t Shoot Portland. During Shell No Portland, he rallied his community at Shell Gas stations to keep attention on “Shells evil plan.” Whenever there are marches and rallies, Yolotli offers his street smarts as a security presence. He provides his police liaison skills and encourages collaboration by facilitating needed dialogues at large political manifestations and actions.

“It has come to my attention after many times being way out front; that if we want transformations in times of climate change and late stage capitalism then we must analyze our moment in this time, accept that this is our last run to achieve climate justice in this current decade and protect the sacred for everyone. Expert mode is forced upon us. We need to materialize and regenerate resources with an anti-capitalist urban farm movement to help communities organize food security while achieving so much more for the movement and be ready for a climate strike in the year 2030. If there are no resources for the people to organize climate justice then there is no logistics for communities to have some security, to stay active and galvanize people power to get climate justice now! Food sovereignty has always been part of struggles fighting for liberation and overcoming incredible odds. Moreover, I’m a proud participant with The Municipal Eco Resiliency Project aka MERP. MERP is constructing such an organization, long before the gardening trend took place during Covid-19 and MERP has plans for mass participation. Please take the time to understand the mission of MERP, contribute urban farm resources to achieve food security now and consider becoming a participant with MERP. Si se puede!” – Yololti X

Organizing to dismantle global poverty

Food Justice

Community Response to Climate Injustices

Community Education

I have lived an incredible life that has stemmed from street life. Help me in my journey to fight systemic poverty and climate change, activate young people, research and explore other worlds, stand up for peace and justice and report on what’s happening from the front lines.

– Yolotli, FTP Organizer

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  • Antonio’s will send you a quarterly update of activities
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$10/per month


Provides Yolotli with 4 bus tickets to can get around.

$45/per month


Helps Yolotli to provide 1 hour of justice training.

$75/per month


Helps Yolotli provide 3 hours minutes of mentorship, or the development of an alternate agriculture workshop.

$150/per month

Basic Needs

Supports the many project materials and supplies Yolotli needs such as food and water.

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