Derek Hoshiko

For The People Organizer

Organizing with communities for rapid and just climate action

Derek Hoshiko, a Japanese American, is a climate and social justice organizer based in rural Island County, Washington with a background in community-based economic development, local living economies, sustainable local food systems, and the tech sector. After spending his entire life watching little to no progress stopping global warming, he eschews “outmoded mainstream” and purely political, scientific, and technological approaches. Instead he focuses on a humanist and anti-oppressive approach that includes emotional processing (especially of grief) as a way to break down denial; supporting of people in transition and transformation; building broader more inclusive movements through anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and intersectional organizing; and by supercharging organizing with innovative capacity building tools.

“We must continually examine how our privilege perpetuates inaction on climate change and social inequity.”
– Derek, FTP Organizer

In 2005, Derek co-founded Web Collective, a sustainability-focused worker-owned web development cooperative while leading a sustainable local business association, with which he organized SLICE, a cooperative economic development network, and Eat Local Now! a sustainable local food systems program. Inspired by Occupy Wall Street, he co-founded student-debt relief organization Salish Sea Cooperative Finance in 2014.

In January 2018, he was selected as a finalist for Sustainable Seattle’s Sustainability Hero Award, their highest annual award that “recognizes a specific individual who has made an exceptionally significant and inspiring contribution to the sustainability movement …”

He co-led Cascadia Climate Collaborative which brought multi-stakeholder groups of climate leaders together in a heart-focused space to support folks with their emotional and psychological responses to climate change, which led to his support of the founding of Women of Color Speak Out. He has developed presentations about climate urgency and climate justice, while showing up for and supporting movement moments like ShellNo, Westway Oil Terminal, Break Free from Fossil Fuels, Standing Rock, etc.

In 2015 he journeyed 1,100-miles by bicycle to the tar sands in Northern Alberta, Canada while interviewing community members along the way, as part of the storytelling collective The Road to Athabasca. He co-developed and co-presented artful multi-media presentations about the threat of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, and later campaigned with Greenpeace USA against tar sands pipelines.

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Organizing for a Rapid and Just Transition

Building for deep relational organizing

Empowering community finance

Holding organizations accountable

Instigating rapid and just climate actions

Stopping fossil fuel projects

Supporting de-colonialization and anti-patriarchy

Supporting youth leadership

Transforming environmental and sustainability education

“My faith drives me to do the work that is necessary, not just what is possible. To achieve this now, after many years of organizing, I have been called to confront my own fear, my own internalized oppression, and instead to trust in my community. Your support shows me that I am on the right path, and gives me the hope—and faith—that I need to continue holding a pathway through with the global climate emergency on behalf of the communities with which and the people with whom I work.”

– Derek, FTP Organizer

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