2022 Annual Event

Harvest Fundraiser

Gathering the fruits of our organizing.

Celebrate 5 years of powerful work, and join us in looking forward to the next 5!

Join us — Saturday, October 22nd, 4 to 6pm PST on Zoom. Bring food, family and friends.

Featured speakers

Amanda Lee is a Chinese/Hawaiian organizer who has resided around the Salish Sea for the past 12 years. They have held roles in organizing water and land based direct actions highlighting climate chaos, social and environmental justice issues. In 2020 they began The Herons Nest Landback project in Seattle in direct support of The Duwamish Tribe. Their NGO, Shared Spaces is focused on restorative justice and sustainable education. They have worked in a variety of trade fields leading them on a path towards supporting access to alternative education and resources for uplifting marginalized communities.

Moji Igun (she/her) is a speaker, writer, and sustainability consultant who works with businesses and organizations that want to grow their sustainability practices by pursuing zero waste. She is currently based in Seattle, WA. (Photo by Sarah Wolfe Photography.)

Dante Garcia is an artist, designer, and strategist exploring social and interpersonal transformation. He lives in Seattle and San Francisco. Today, he’s a trainer-practitioner with the Center for Story-based Strategy, and launching Community Gearbox, a start up aimed at disrupting individual consumption.