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We need to stand with our student leaders by supporting social and climate action

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United Student Leaders (USL) is a Whidbey-based coalition of youth activists representing the 10th Legislative District. We focus on uplifting youth voices around climate action, equity, educational reform, intersectionality, and social justice issues that our members are passionate about. USL works to create change in our community and empower youth to orchestrate that change.

This fundraiser supports youth organizing efforts on Whidbey Island and beyond. Please fill out the form to the right to make a contribution now!

USL first started when two students from south whidbey stepped up to organize the first Whidbey Climate Strike in Freeland, WA, gathering students & community to protest for the climate on September 20, 2019. While this was originally inspired as part of the youth-led global climate strike Fridays For Future, this action helped form United Student Leaders into the independent organization that we are today. USL continued to organize over 30 direct actions tied to the Whidbey Climate Strike until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Since March 20, 2020, we have adapted to organize weekly actions online with students and community members.

In the last year, United Student Leaders has organized a total of nine webinars to educate our community with the help of community activists and other guest speakers. We covered three distinct topics: Discrimination, Patriarchy, and the Climate Crisis. All of these webinars can be found on United Student Leaders’ YouTube. We have also continued our work in the field with the Uproot the System Climate Strike, the Fossil Free Future Protest, and support for ongoing Pro Choice Protests.

While FTP organizer Derek Hoshiko supports our efforts, USL remains a student-led organization. We need funds to cover costs that come up in our organizing. Some ways that your contribution will help is by funding things such as materials to build signs for our protests, helping to cover speaking fees for guest speakers, transportation costs, conference and workshop fees, video editing, and food and drinks for meetings and events. We are calling for immediate funds to cover those costs now, and to provide additional funds for further organizing.

Use the form on this page to contribute now to increase our opportunities as youth social justice organizers. Your contributions will also provide us with additional confidence knowing that our community has our back!

Your contribution will go a long way toward supporting youth leadership. All funds, minus a 5% processing fee, will be made directly available to United Student Leaders to be used at the youth’s discretion. Please help us make this happen. Thank you for your support!

Note: No portion of the funds raised shall be used to participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.

Photo: David Welton.